Week 1 cooking at TheJoint

Week 1 cooking at TheJoint

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Cooking at the joint is fun, it was a thrill chatting with the owners and learning about the past 20 years of servicing pizza to Victoria's nightlife. I too have many memories of experiencing the lineup at this once vibrant hotspot.


One thing about these ovens. The technical characteristics of the ovens add the spiritual essence to what is "TheJoint" pizza. This offers a consistent and "soft" sort of heat when cooking, ultimately rendering the pizza to be cooked very uniformly.


The owner of the restaurant livens up his pizzas with a large quantity of good quality toppings of which is first sauced with a distinguishably sweet yet slightly tart tomato sauce.


The Detroit style pizza cooks like a dream in these ovens, as natural as a fish in the ocean. Still plenty of room for improvement, but a pretty sweet outcome that I was satisfied with. Don't ask me about the Neapolitan's though.